Friday, March 30, 2012

a quartet of commuter's crazed haikus

auto no. 1
blinker. it's been on
since flushing. you know we're
in nassau now, right?

auto no. 2
two lanes converge in
to one. where's that tractor trailer gonna go?

flying over la guardia
not once--- TWICE over
the whitestone and throg's neck.
no traffic; no tolls(!!!)

clad in kimono,
ozeki and i calmly
view the pond from the deck.

Friday, March 23, 2012

in which i take a break from painting my house and chill out in Sayville.

Like many villages that dot the landscape of Long Island, Sayville is both transportive and charming. Especially charming after averaging 300 linear sq. ft of painting the last few days (I'm no pro). I decided to take advantage of the vestages of Spring Break and explore this little town more.

My first stop was haven..., a home decor store located on Main St. This was the first of a few boutiques I stopped in, and the offerings really resonated with me. The stock ranged from modestly-priced knick-knacks to high-end lamps and mirrors befitting an interior design store. A nice mix of the artisanal and the mass-produced, too--- I walked away with a little of both: an adorable handmade sea-glass necklace and little beach-themed box. Shopkeeper was very friendly and wrapped my "gifts for myself" with the same love as a birthday present. Definitely worth a repeat visit.

Continuing on Main Street I was distracted by Jeanine's Cool Cupcakes, where personality pervaded before my first bite. The pink panelled walls popped against row after row of scrumptuous cupcakes. The shopkeeper was warm and helpful. I chose the Meghan's PB & J cupcake, and bought a Funny Bone for Jay Cardinal (which he didn't complain about ;-). Next time I will be sure to try the Red Velvet.

Wine not? As I meandered [West????] down Main St., I caught sight of a peculiarly narrow little door with a signed that equally caught my curiosity: Wine Tasting Today! I was welcomed into Down the Rabbit Hole Wine Boutique, a delightfully compact retreat from the world by shopkeeper Suzy, who ---like the wines she hand picks from small-batch distributors--- was one-of-a-kind. With the style of a rock star, an approachable bubbliness of the girl-next-door, and a formidable vocabulary and intelligence, she's a refreshing young voice in wine. A person who is somewhat well-versed in vino will enjoy conversing with her on the backgrounds of the shop's offerings, while neophytes will appreciate the alternative classification of wines by "flavor sensation" and hopefully feel free to try something new! With Rabbit Hole's connections to the culinary community on LI, I'm looking forward to info on tasting/pairing events through the e-mail list.

What follows wine? ...Chocolate. I was fortunate to discover The Sayville Chocolatier close by. I bought two truffles (Cookies and Cream Decadence and Expresso), which were the fraction of the cost of a chain chocolate boutique. The shop also boasts a nice selection of old-fashioned candies and chocolate-dipped pieces.

While I invested most of my visit in shops on Main Street, there was one special out-of-the-way exception. As I headed back to the parking lot, my curiosity was piqued by a shop tucked away on the side---  Rosie's Handmade Revolution. The shop's owner is a seamstress and stocks handmade pieces by herself and others. The retro-style circle skirts and piped aprons were equal parts sweet and edgy. Those feeling brave enough to befriend the Singer can even sign up for sewing lessons! My acquisition du jour was a darling striped cotton and tulle 'Ouma' tank-dress ...for 50%!

Looking forward to wearing this for my next Long Island adventure...