Sunday, June 10, 2012

i babble on...

thursday's journey took me back to the south shore, to the realm of gingerbread houses, repurposed bank buildings, health food stores and property taxes that even this jersey girl blinks at: yes, this time, i found my way to babylon village...

it's a bank, it's a historic building, no wait!--- it's a hair salon.
(it's not weird to find a salon in a church in NJ...)

post office turned!

after parking on deer park avenue, i bumped into bagelicious, which advertised a good lunch deal--- chicken breast, lettuce (not iceberg! phew!) and tomato on a bagel with a side and a coffee for under $6.50, including tax. with my final car payment in sight, i could appreciate the frugality of my choice, as well as the chocolate raspberry coffee (love.)

west main street was a happenin' place, even at 12:30 on a thursday. architecturally, i love this town. the residential areas ---rife with victorians and even a few bungalows--- have some interest of their own, too. shades of 19th and early 20th century americana follow you whever you go.

a pretty, old presbyterian church on main

argyle park is another remarkable feature of babylon village.

a few fishermen were undeterred by the signs...

crossing main, i enhaled the salt water as long as i could, then headed into window shopping mode.

(CVG policy: in case you haven't noticed, i will never post a bad review of any place i visit. if i don't enjoy some place i happen upon, i simply won't review it.) HOWEVER, before i continue, a note of loving concern to anyone who owns any kind of little shop: it is always a good idea to post your credit card policies ---and if you exercise them, minimum amounts--- in a highly visible place for your customers. while customers need to be considerate of shops and not make a habit of charging for little purchases, imagine the embarrassment of going someplace for a little post-lunch treat, at the front of a line getting rung up, only to discover (yes, pun intended) that there was a minimum charge amount which wasn't met. oy!

end rant, and back to the positives. got an adorable black and white fascinator for $15 at thistle and that, a shop which featured goods made by many handmade american artistans, as well as celtic and new age stuff. i feel good about supporting american craftspeople and working a cool hairstyle at my bachelorette party for a fraction of the cost of a low-end department store hairpiece. a great place to check out if you need a funky gift for someone.

another shop i really enjoyed was main street gifts ...and more on w. main. the shopkeeper was really friendly and helpful. this is a good place to go for  special keepsake gift, such as might be appropriate for a baby shower, baptism or wedding.

while i didn't purchase anything (again, frugality!) at ooh la la i saw some punchy, casual frocks perfect for trolling around L.I. and the city with effortless summer style. accessories were modestly priced; if you can brave 4+ inch heels, be sure to check out the jeff campbell's in the discounted section.

a new smoothie shop, natural blends, has opened on deer park avenue. they have a nice selection there, whether you opt for one of their creations or design your own. i got my wheatgrass fix and had them customize a smoothie for me. (they also offer alkaline water, which seems to be a big thing in the health places around here, though i'll admit i'm really ignorant about it.)

some other deals out here in babylon: the clearview cinemas. i have no idea of the state of the theatres inside, but the tickets prices posted outside were VERY low by metro-area standards.

there are no shortage of cute antique and health food/wellness shops in town. next time i'd like to check out some of the wine and cheese shops and eateries.

the formidable robert moses bids you adieu