Sunday, July 8, 2012

short and sweet.

yesterday jay cardinal and i braved the heat and questionable precipitation and made our first trip to our town beach, short beach. it's a picturesque twelve-minute drive from our house.

egret heaven!

now, for someone who is not from around here, i take great pride in having a vague understanding of the byzantine zoning process that is long island. when i speak of my "town", i'm not talking about a town like the one i grew up in: i'm talking of a larger governing area with a centralized government as a town that is both geographically and demongraphically formidable. in our case, smithtown is over 100,000 people. but if you head to some place like town of huntington, it's more like a quarter million people. then within the town you might have the town proper and a bunch of incorporated and unincorporated areas called villages and hamlets, etc., which may or may not take advantage of some or all of the larger municipal area's amenities. (to make things more confusing, it seems many school districts border on two or more "towns", meaning that the folks who live south east of us send their kids to the sachem school district, while our kids will someday go to smithtown schools. in nassau it's even more confusing, because some districts from incorporated villages border on each other, so even in a village you have to think carefully before you sell your soul to a mortgage company.)

living in an unincorporated place has given us a very fine elementary school, a volunteer fire department, a branch of the smithtown library, a little post office with the most personable staff anyone could ever ask for (when the chickens were coming in the mail ---which the USPS is an expert at shipping--- one worker even gave us her phone number and called us the minute they came in) ...and not much else. fortunately, smithtown has a lot to offer, which takes us out of this long-winded digression for which i beg your pardon...