Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shelter Island

Yesterday Jay Cardinal got the great idea to take one of our spontaneous trips out east, which I love. I hadn't ever been to Shelter Island before. It had that same wonderfully transportive quality that all the beautiful beaches and towns out in Suffolk share, but it was eweven cozier and more rustic than I imagined.

We headed out east before the traffic became nightmarish. (Thirty minutes to wine country in pleasant traffic, closer to two hours in the weekend getaway crunch.) The first bit of adventure was taking the North Ferry. It was an expedient delightful little trip, though DH couldn't find the rhyme or reason to the order of departing vehicles. (He has a strong sense of fairness, rivaling even Judge Judy... :-)


We might not have explored thoroughly, but much of the Island seemed residential. Not much of a downtown, though the Heights had some cute little cafes, shops and no shortage of beautiful old houses. Lots of people out biking, swimming, etc. We found some beautiful pull-off areas, though.

On our drive back north to the ferry, I picked up a pricey but refreshing cleanser from the juice bar menu at stars cafe... a very quaint, brightly painted place with a tin roof. I will extol the virtues of juicing in another post, but my laziness was their business.

On the trip back over, we stopped at Blue Canoe Oyster Bar in Greenport (which was conveniently right off the ferry on Third Street.) The breezy decor was right up my alley, as were the oysters and the AMAZING onion ring boat (which was perfect to split but would have been too much of an indulgence in itself). The sushi roll special I had was fair; J's lobster escabeche was clean, refreshing and delightful.
Blue Canoe Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

Still heading west, we drove down Love Lane in Mattituck, which in truth is as cute as its name. Though most of the shops were closing for the evening, I insisted on walking around. The Village Cheese Shop was a great find; the staff were friendly and eager to educate customers. We went with a Mahon, a Garrotxa, and possibly the most formidable Roquefort ever (the latter was J's idea...)
Village Cheese Shop North on Urbanspoon

Last on the list was Magic Fountain Ice Cream. I went with the highly complimentary Mint Chip and Mocha Chip, while DH got a little adventuresome with the Red Velvet and the Salted Caramel. Talk about what summer tastes like! It was the perfect end to an entirely unplanned day.
Magic Fountain on Urbanspoon
...And speaking of ending a day, Jay Cardinal has just cut me off from the espresso, which means it's time to say good night, Long Island!

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