Monday, November 19, 2012

overconfident human GPS in huntington...

After a long day at work on Saturday I had decided to treat myself to a movie. "A Late Quartet" was showing at the indie Cinema Arts Theatre in Huntington. After scouting out the theatre's location, I figured it would be a relatively easy jaunt on the way home. Especially for someone with the traffic calm of a taxi-cab driver and an inner GPS. Man, did I get cocky. First of all, in our few trips to Huntington, my dear husband has always done the driving. Secondly, I did not count on the sheer scope of the village, the windy, hilly old roads, and eventually ending up in Centerport or Halesite or some other sleepy burg and constantly being dumped out into the sound at every outlet-less turn as I tried to find my way back to 25a. But I digress.

I headed out to the theatre later in the evening for a second attempt (I am stubborn, if nothing else) but instead took J's car, which has a built-in fancypants GPS.

When I did finally get to the Cinema Arts Theatre later that evening, it felt like I wasn't just watching a movie, but also observing a community of people who really love movies. The people at the theatre ---both those working there and those watching the movies--- impressed me a lot. I was expecting to see a lot of hipster types, but the people who sat with me were regular folks, free of affectations, who simply and truly loved and responded to movies. The staff was very friendly, well-mannered and eager to assist patrons. We had a woman speak before the movie previews, and much of the audience (which numbered atleast a hundred) seemed to know her pretty well. You can see what's playing at Cinema Arts through their website, They're also in the process of raising funds to upgrade their projectors from celluloid to digital, so please consider supporting their efforts!

I'm glad I saw "A Late Quartet", because the subject matter piqued my interest, but my thoughts on the movie itself are mixed. I won't rehash the criticism that is clearly articulated in the reviews of far more capable movie critics but will instead point out that the one specific thing that I, as a lukewarm moviegoer, found tremendously impressive. Christopher Walken is a remarkable actor with a tremendous range--- I've seen him in other films playing villains, and so it was a joy to watch him embody a different sort of character who was finding his way through some very heavy human experiences. If you're a particular fan of his work, then I'd recommend that you see it.

What movies have you seen lately? What are your favorite theatres on Long Island?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

cheerful room + sunday.

Since I didn't go back to work until yesterday because of the gas situation, I spent time this week painting and cleaning up bedroom number three, a.k.a the 'Cheerful Room' as it has now come to be known. The walls aren't in great shape, but artwork definitely helps! While the rest of the house is more Scandanavian modern, this is the one whimsical space for arts, crafting, and a sitting room for guests.

The paint, Martha Stewart 'Eiderdown', was originally intended for the Study, but there was too much green in it to suit the dark gold ceiling I painted. Instead of throwing it out, it ended up in this room. (Waste not, want not!) The old wall colour was a very peculiar (err, unappetizing) shade of peach, so it's not missed.
The dresser, built by my great-grandfather (who was many, many moons ago the chief cabinetmaker at the Herald Square Macy's)  is simple, incredibly sturdy and fun to update. The drawer fronts were painted in Behr 'Southern Evening' and Benjamin Moore 'Mill Springs Blue'. They were picked to match the Morrocan printed carpet. (Speaking of Macy's, have you seen their cute new Christmas commercial? They always do something special for the holidays...)
The white pictures frames were on sale at the Stony Brook Michael's... 40% off with an additional 20% off coupon. Michael's tends to have really great deals on simple MDF picture frames if you time it right. I went online to find some pop-ish graphic art to print and frame. Two websites, kind over matter and everything etsy have links and collections of some very pretty free printables.
This little guy was in my old home, but in a pink colour. Now it
gets new life in Martha Stewart 'Picket Fence' semi-gloss.
The other furniture isn't on l.i. yet, but we'll be adding a white leaning bookcase, an old whitewashed desk, and a little day-bed for guests (thank you, Ikea.)
... and now it's time for Mr. Cardinal's amazing pumpkin pancakes! :) I think this morning's OT reading on Elijah and the widow baking the cakes got him in the mood (...not that this pancake nut's complaining.)

Wishing you a little peace and relaxation today, Long Island! (You certainly deserve it.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

winter wonderland?

Yesterday's view from Pond House

When I went out to the chicken coop around 6am yesterday, I wasn't the only one trying to make sense of the Nor'Easter. The chickens poked their little heads outside the coop with trepidation at the white stuff which they'd never seen before. It was pretty cute.

The night before that--- not so cute, as many of you can attest to. DH Jay and I scrambled to clean off cars over a bad online gas tip, but it was still worth it since we were then able to get both into the garage. Victory yesterday has come in the form of the Lake Grove Hess. While there are many well-meaning online gas websites, I've found that Hess' actual site is among the most accurate---  click here. The gas situation is still dire on the Island and in the Boroughs, but again, compared to people who've lost homes, lives, and are still out of power, it's nothing. It is a huge problem, however, for people whose livelihoods depend on consistent car access and businesess with transportation needs (as well as actual people driving to and patronizing their shops.) I mean to say that I write not complain about my own station---because we've been very blessed throughout the whole thing--- but to shed light on this continuing lack of infrastructure and basic modern-day needs that those in the metro area are faced with.

On a more upbeat note (please excuse the pun there), here's a long overdue review.

Yogurtini Self Serve Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

A day before the Hurricane craziness, Jay Cardinal and I wanted a frozen yogurt treat. Having tried every frozen yogurt place ranging from amazing to awful within a 15 miles radius of our home, we thought we'd give the new Yogurtini in Smithtown a shot. I went with their house flavour, "Blueberry Tartini", which ROCKED. Both of us were very impressed with the topping selection--- it's possibly the best we've seen yet. The staff was friendly and appreciative, the seafoam decor calming. A definite repeat visit.

coastal cheap and chic #1: transitioning warm to cool weather

I like nice things, but I don't like to spend money. ('Spose that makes me an aspiring cheapskate?)

Rather than spend money on clothes this year, I've been mixing up my wardrobe to create new outfits. So far so good, though certain things always beg the question...

How do I transition spring/summer pieces for fall/winter?

The challenge this time involves: basic striped tee + cotton fringed scarf + navy eyelet skirt + chunky peep-toe wedges

The solution:
Pairing with a tweed herringbone blazer + opaque aquamarine tights
The blazer warms it up (as far as textiles are concerned) and provides a nod to the gray in the scarf and top. The tights add another pop of color to compliment the navy in the skirt and keep the look from appearing too somber. Opaque tights also add a lot of warmth.

et voila!
Everything was bought over the years at deep discounts (50-80% off). I always make a beeline
for the clearance at the back of stores and ignore the stuff that's put out in front. The biggest
"splurge" of this outfit were these chunky peep-toe wedges by 704b, which were found for $40 at DSW.
If you haven't induced clothes shopping austerity measures, there are some great inexpensive ways to update your wardrobe through an opposite approach. Remaining warmer weather clothes are in clearance, so you can purchase them for a song. (As of this entry, I can see tees on sale in the big department stores for less than $10). If you're willing to layer with a blazer and opaque tights, you can add a lot of new looks for the fall and enjoy spring-summer clothes stand alones when the temperature rises.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

post-hurricane post

Jay Cardinal and I consider ourselves blessed. Our house is okay, our chickens are okay,

and most importantly of all, our family and loved ones are safe and sound.

I wish I could say the same for so many whose lives have been turned upside down ---some forever--- by this dreadful storm. As we strive to gain some sense of normalcy in our lives again and support those less fortunate with our actions and our prayers, I'm going to try to get back to a bit of blogging, celebrating all that is good on our wonderful little island. Please take care, be good to yourself and your families, and stay far, far away from any downed wires.