Saturday, January 26, 2013

mall time for grown-ups.

Huntington Station's Walt Whitman Mall is a perfect foil to the mall rat zoo-ish-ness of Roosevelt Field (and even, Smith Haven).  Featuring more of the high-end department stores and fewer chain store units, it tends to attract an older crowd. Other than the fact Walt Whitman possesses a Lord & Taylor (my all-time favorite and technically New York's oldest department store), it also scores points for having a Legal Sea Foods.

Legal Sea Foods - Huntington on Urbanspoon

Legal's is a small scale chain with a wide spread reputation for excellent seafood. Jay Cardinal and I enjoy partaking of their Naked Cowboy Oysters (which, peculiar name aside, are the briny-est of the briny). The lobster bisque is a time-honored favourite here, and the wood-grilled fish never disappoints. It's also a fun place to take a gal-pal for a smart cocktail and a smaller plate after an afternoon of shopping.

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