Friday, January 18, 2013

tate's review.

It's a quiet night here at Pond House, aside from the random maniacal duck quacks. DH is working, and so I've actually had to take care of my own meal. (HA!) While I can't cook, I can make one of my favourite meals (okay, anyone can)--- a baby arugula salad with goat cheese, mixed nuts and golden raisins in balsamic. And just before you thought this meal couldn't be more obnoxiously healthy, ordinarily I'd enjoy about 2 oz. pour of whatever fabulous burgundy, &tc., Jay Cardinal had lying around from the weekend. Since nothing was open, however, I poked around the wine cellar and found ...something... red. Ooookay, we shall leave it at that, Long Islanders. After nosing it, I quickly realized the only place it belonged was in the recycling bin . There was also a nicely chilled, super polite mass-market North Coast Chard. (Can you tell I won't open something nice if it's just me consuming it?) Turned out not to be as cloying as I thought, fortunately. Okay, down to business, because a) I don't want to bore you to death with wine drama and b) I want to fill you in on a wonderful local restaurant we discovered recently.

Tate's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Tate's is a fantastic and surprising little place in Nesconset. A few weeks back, we stopped in for a dinner. They are billed as a "family run" restaurant, and the service bespeaks that. The staff couldn't have been lovelier or more attentive. The ingredients are extremely fresh and seasonal, so the menu (which has an Italian lean) changes regularly. The parmesan bread is exceptional. They also have a very reasonable prix fixe. DH had the roasted beet salad and the pork osso buoco, while I had the warm sweet potato salad and duck in blueberry brandy sauce. We were thoroughly impressed with our meals. A few notes--- they're cash only, and if you'd like to bring your own wine, please remember there is a corkage fee.

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