Sunday, February 17, 2013

baby it's cold outside...

Howdy from Pond House. I'm sitting in the nook, watching the birds and pond from its windowed walls. As the snow squalls come and go, I'm grateful to be inside looking out rather than outside looking in. The birds sure are troopers! We have a new addition to the neighborhood, a Tufted Titmouse, who is especially cute. I'll look forward to his gentle "Peter-peter-peters" over the 6am wake-up calls from the House Wren any day.

Last night we had a friend over, and Jay Cardinal made a remarkable cauliflower soup with parmesan crisp, a blue cheese-roasted tomato-arugula souffle, and his specialty pizza.

Speaking of pizza, Fridays in Lent are a call not only to Catholic abstinence, but also a little creativity. ;-) When the thought of that commonplace Lenten carb wouldn't suffice, we decided to take advantage of the recently-opened Kushi Japanese Fusion on Smithtown Boulevard. Sushi has certainly gained a foothold in Long Island's culinary culture, and understandably so--- with the abundance of great local seafood, as well as plentiful seafood markets nearby in the city, there's a wealth of great fish to draw from. Unfortunately, as with most trends, there is plenty of mediocrity along with the good.

Kushi Japanese Fusion on Urbanspoon

Kushi did not disappoint. My husband enjoyed the King Crab Salad, dubbing it "light, well-balanced and flavourful".  I had to order the "2010 Roll" (whose reputation preceeds itself). The addition of the onion brought a pleasant textural component to the 2010, and the fish was very fresh. The standard Japanese fare of Gyoza, Shumai and Miso soup were all good. The staff were very speedy in putting together our order, and they couldn't have been more agreeable. I predict Kushi will become a favourite Lenten take-out place for us... give it a try!

Any thoughts on the new layout? I wanted something a little cleaner looking and thought it was time to make my own header. Time to brave the cold and get some good deals at the Hauppauge A.C. Moore and the Stony Brook Michael's. How are you enjoying your stay-cation, Long Island?

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