Thursday, March 14, 2013

long overdue balthazar review...

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Bistro-ly goodness, thy name is Balthazar. My husband took me and my parents for a birthday, and it was an experience to cherish. The bustle and close quarters of the place were anticipated, and so we found the vibe and the interior more transportatively European than anything else. (Understandably, some may find it claustrophobic.) The 'Fruits de Mer' was amongst the most memorable cold/raw seafood experiences I've ever had, and the Saturday evening special of 'Braised Short Ribs' was delectable. The Chocolate Pot de Creme's a winner, as were all the entrees and desserts our party enjoyed. If you have time to stop by their bakery, it won't be in vain. They also have a wholesale location in Englewood (NJ) which is open to the public, offers seasonal specialties and takes holiday orders.

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