Thursday, May 16, 2013

the road to glen cove rd. is paved with good intentions...

My niece is an all-around great kid, patient big sister, and honors student. (No, my SIL doesn't know I have a blog, so I can't be accused of sucking up... :-) When she asked for my help with her sweet sixteen invitations, I was flattered and happy to do whatever I could to help with her special day. (I should preface this by saying I made my own wedding invitations, which is how my new family found out about my crafting side hobby.) Fortunately, she had a design she loved, which a women on etsy would customize for us. That left me with the printing, cutting, designing insert cards and addressing envelopes, etc. But where to find 4 bar envelopes in the right color? Online ordering would have been too slow or too expensive, and I wouldn't get a true sense of the shade by peering at a computer monitor.

Fortunately, Greenvale is home to a Paper Source, which carries specialty papers as well as bulk cardstock and envelopes in a host of shapes and colours. Not only did they have exactly the shade I needed, Paper Source also had a vast wall of frame-worthy wrapping papers, charming seasonal gifts, stationary, letterpress materials, and more unusual scrapbooking supplies. They are conveniently located of Northern Blvd (25-A), in Wheatley Plaza (which is actually home to a bunch of extremely cute shops). Good thing for this shopper that Greenvale isn't right around the corner... ;)

spring has sprung at pond house!

At long last, it finally feels like Spring these days. (And I can finally get around to another blog post!) Work has had me out and about quite a bit lately, and most of my time on the Island has been devoted to pretending to keep on top of the house and getting a few hours of shut-eye. HAH.
Little lady's eyeing the weeds... yum-yum!




Weeping Cherry

Starting the third week of May, my work schedule calms down considerably, so I'll be throwing myself into sharing all things wonderful on Long Island.

Two places I can't speak highly enough about are Northport's Copenhagen Bakery, and St. James' Voila! the Bistro.

Copenhagen Bakery on Urbanspoon

I was my mentor who recommended Copenhagen, when we met for a casual meeting several weeks ago. The warmth of the bakery was this perfect foil to the rainy weather outside. I had the Potato Leek soup, which was wonderful, and a bit of delicious Rosemary bread. The sugar cookies were delightful; the coffee, spot on. I noticed a number of young mothers with children--- while the building is older, it's surprisingly spacious nature is stroller and child friendly.

Voila The Bistro on Urbanspoon

Voila! was one of those places I drove past a gazillion times, each time wondering about when I would remember to ask Jay Cardinal about it. (Fortunately it was he who reminded me when I defaulted to picking Califrnia Pizza Kitchen for dinner.) I was struck right away by how quiet and spacious things were. Our waiter was well-versed in the menu and specials and took excellent care of us. The foie gras appetizer and beet salad were amazing; DH has a seared Tuna special that knocked his socks off, while I had no regrets with my duck special ---prepared two ways, roasted breast and confit. Wines by the glass rotate weekly; a earthy yet peppery Cote du Rhone played up all my dishes nicely and didnt break the bank. Dessert was fair; the appetizers and dinner overshadowed them a bit. Overall, Voila! was a real treat. My only regret is we didn't go sooner!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the great gatsby online book club for busy people...

With the new Baz Luhrmann interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's crowing acheivement hitting movie theaters on May 10th, it's time to revisit that book we all read in high school, set in 1920's Long Island and NYC.

Disclaimer: I am not a librarian (like Sarina), or an English major like my two best friends (one of whom is now a college professor.) I'm just a person who loves books and my little island, looking for an excuse to do something new and different...

So in the spirit of this, some of my friends and I are doing an online Great Gatsby book club, where we will re-read at our leisure over the next month or so and informally take advantage of Simon & Schuster's reading guide.What are you doing to celebrate the renewed interest in the "Great American Novel"? :-)

Here are some fun activities, etc. to consider, especially if you live here on Long Island or in NYC:
Tour 'Gold Coast' Mansions - listed on DiscoverLongIsland, a wonderful tourism resource
Gatsby-influenced Fashion Movement - compiled by Newsday
Gatsby's Long Island - an upcoming presentation in Huntington by historian and author Monica Randall
A Gatsby Tea - at the Elmont Library
Nick Carraway's Walk - extensively researched by Walking of the Big Apple
Warner Bros - make your own Monogram, and find out more about the upcoming movie at the official web page