Saturday, August 3, 2013

restaurant catch-up

Hello Long Island! Who has been catching rays this amazing weather? Yesterday my travels took me to Smithtown's Long Beach. If you saw the crazy woman using the UV tent as a turtle shell (because I  couldn't figure out how to assemble it) ---that was me. It was so worth it inhaling the beautiful salt air and watching the waves lap gently against the shore. Sound beaches are not as popular as ocean beaches among Long Islanders, but I am very happy with our private town beaches.

It's been a time not only for catching rays, but also catching up (hence the delay in posting all the wonderful things about Long Island which DH and I have been enjoying.) We had the pleasure of a family guest who stayed with us last week, and this week I made the delusional choice of re-rolling 14 walls as well as painting several hundred linear feet of floor casing. That being said, Pond House is looking sharp! 

Really happy with the way the dining room is taking shape... (still need to accessorize + get two etagieres from ikea). The chairs, which worked well with the Danish modern table, were found at Home Depot for $69 each. What a deal!

I love this bowl in our living room---picked it up at at the Stony Brook Marshall's-Home Goods for about $15 a month ago.

(You can't see it very clearly but if you look at the top corner of the coffee table, we replaced our old sisal rugs and entryway runner with these cheerful striped rugs from Crate & Barrel, purchased on sale at the Americana. We don't spend a lot of money on rugs--- though shoes are not allowed in our house except for when guests come over, somehow the rugs seem to have a pretty short floor life. Since they are inexpensive, we can update the living room from time to time with these small but dramatic changes.)

Wait--- this wasn't supposed to turn into a Coastal Cheap & Chic entry! Here are some amazing restaurants for you to check out... :-)

Farm Country Kitchen on Urbanspoon
If you're looking for good, simple food prepared well, friendly service and a startlingly beautiful view of the placid Peconic river, look no further than Farm Country Kitchen in Riverhead. The location is not easily visible from the road, but when you step beyond the heavy drape entrance of the unassuming old house, you enter into a world that our houseguest most adroitly dubbed "a little slice of heaven". I highly recommend the outdoor seating on the patio so you can really enjoy the tranquil riverfront beauty. Strictly speaking, their menu is rotational. The salad I had was wonderfully crisp and fresh and featured a crabcake--- very generous for the $8.50 price. My guest enjoyed his salad, too. The watermelon lemonade was so refreshing--- it reminded me of pink lemonade, and the hints of watermelon flavor were very subtle and not overwhelming at all.

Fifth Season on Urbanspoon
After completing the above-mentioned painting, Jay Cardinal really wanted to treat me to a nice dinner locally. We settled on Fifth Season in Port Jefferson, a farm-to-table restaurant with an attractive midweek prix fixe. The restaurant, situated close to the water, provided lovely views and ample peoplewatching. Our waitress was bubbly and extremely well-versed in the menu. While many restaurant prix fixe deals are less than imaginative, Fifth Season's offering was stellar. The roasted beets with baby arugula, smoked blue cheese, pickled red onion and candied walnuts in a golden balsamic made for a noteworthy first course--- the onion beautifully cut the richness of the blue cheese as well as the sweetness of the walnuts. For our entrées, both DH and I went for the oven roasted fluke with sautéed broccoli rabe, hash brown fingerling potatoes, summer herb salad and brown butter caper hollandaise. The fish was perfectly cooked, and once more the a lance of ingredients and cooking techniques spoke for themselves. The bitterness of the broccoli rabe, the textural component of the hash brown fingerling potatoes, and the judicious use of the hollandaise sauce all made this dish rock. For the desert course, DH went with the seasonal gelato while I ordered the flourless chocolate cake with sweet cream and dark chocolate ganache, which was Moist Gravitas On A Plate. Did I mention that everything I ordered was gluten free? For those with health considerations, Fifth Season features a wide range of gluten free options. A stunning repeat restaurant "for shore". ;-)

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