Sunday, October 27, 2013

blydenburgh county park in the fall.

Mr. Cardinal and I took a little time for ourselves this afternoon and made a visit to Blydenburgh, a Suffolk County park near our home, to chase after the vestiges of fall folliage. The leaves have largely peaked on the Island.

A beautiful sunlit afternoon, clear skies, boisterous birds... while it may feel like fall, it's hard to believe that November is almost upon us!

Friday, October 25, 2013

shinn estate vineyards.

During one afternoon of galavanting about the Noth Fork, Jay Cardinal and I found ourselves in the back roads of Mattituck, winding nothward through areas with remarkable views, one more bucolic than the next. Sure enough one of our winery to do's came into view: Shinn Estate Vineyards, the brainchild of an artist and a chef with a mind on doing things in an ecologically sound way.

Though they were quite busy, there was ample seating in both the patio area as well as the tasting room. We wet up camp in an obliging corner indoors and enjoyed two tasting flights of our own. Below is our interpretation of the wines we experienced at Shinn Estate.

We found the Pear Cider very subtle, not sweet at all, and the 2012 Coalescence a bit young yet.
The Red Blend almost drank like a Pinot Noir and took us back to a carnival with its nose--- all Cracker Jack and popcorn. We didn't know what to pair it with, but it'd be just fine to drink alone. At $17, it was also one of the most affordable values at the vineyard. We found the 2010 Pinot Blanc to be an edgy, fierce little white with a really interesting nose. The 2009 Nine Barrels was lovely, with a spicy, almost pine-yness to it. The cinnamon on the nose of the 2010 Wild Boar Doe caught our attention, while the 2010 Malbec was wonderfully structured. The 2009 Veil Sherry possessed a golden raisin nose - very dry, very toasty, with ---we kid you not!--- a buttered popcorn jelly belly on the finish. All in all, definitely worth the unpremeditated backwoods jaunt!

What's new wineries have you been enjoying these days, Long Islanders?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

search engine users type the darndest things...

Happy Sunday morning, Long Island! Though very busy with work, I'm overdue at checking up on all things great about our fair little bit of New York State.  Upon logging in to blogger today, I noticed some bawdy keywords amongst the searches associated with the blog's visitors. Naturally this has me scratching my head, but then the Internet is a far stranger place than Long Island is. While this was undoubtedly not the "chick" they were looking for, I have been able to scrounge up an apropos photo nonetheless. It was taken on one of our few recent rainy days:

Owning chickens has given us ample time to observe their strange dualities. What creature is as cautious as a hen and yet devoid of common sense? They seem to have no qualms with getting soaking wet in the rain or snow.

Though they may "bawk", in truth chickens are a "hoot".

Thursday, October 10, 2013

i scream for...

...Herrell's! Mr. Cardinal is an ice cream dessert person, while I tend to be more cake-y dessert person (hence the unending supply of cupcake and bakery reviews...) This Huntington Village haunt may have converted me, however, and its evangelist was clearly the Burnt Sugar and Butter Ice Cream with a topping of Penuche Sauce. With a dazzling selection of flavors ranging from predictable to provocative, there's something for every sweet tooth at Herrell's.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

something fishy, in the best possible sense.

As an Eastern Shore of Maryland native, I take a fiendish glee in the per capita density of decent seafood restaurants on Long Island. Here are two whom I have woefully neglected my duties to (but  have very fond memories of... :-)

The Fishery is packed with the whole South Shore kit and caboodle for a reason. This modest East Rockaway restaurant knows seafood like no one's business. If you're successful at negotiating the parking lot, there's a good chance you'll get a table. I highly recommend coming at an off-peak time if you want a little piece and quiet (and a parking spot). We've had great experiences with the shellfish here over the years ---especially the Blue Point Oysters and Littleneck Clams--- and the outdoor seating is a definite perk. So glad to see they've rebuilt since Sandy!

The Fishery on Urbanspoon

Main Catch in Commack was a delightful surprise. We had a very pleasant dining experience there this past summer. The interior of the place was something of a blend between a diner, a fine restaurant, and a fish market. Our waiter was good-natured and proactive. The side dishes were the only underwhelming aspect of our meal; the seafood was where Main Catch really made a name for itself. Blue Point Oysters were excellent and well-shucked; the scallops I ordered were perfectly seared, and the balsamic fig reduction was a subtle but welcome complement.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

food truck fab, north fork style.

A few weekends ago DH and I took another little weekend trip out to the North Fork. Before it closed for the summer, we were able to partake of the homey freshness that is the Lunch Truck at North Fork Table & Inn. The line was long but moved quickly. Mr. Cardinal selected grown-up grilled cheese, which featured goat and cheddar cheeses with balsamic red onions and arugula on rye bread. I ordered the heirloom tomato and mozzarella on toasted Ciabatta. At $19, this was a real steal of an East End meal for two.

As is the case for the Inn's other culinary offering, the Lunch Truck not only lived up to our expectations but exceeded them. The ingredients were so memorably fresh it was as if they hopped out of the garden and into our mouths. If you come during the summer, the Lunch Truck also has a punchcard system which offers rewards and free meals.
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