Sunday, April 19, 2015

back-to-blogging punch!

Happy Spring, Long Island... AT LONG LAST!!! Gosh we earned it, didn't we?!

I have to apologize, as there are many wonderful local restaurants and services we've experienced this year that I wanted to share with you about. Great products, food and people should be acknowledged! Since this blog is a pet project that I run anonymously to spread a bit of local cheer, sometimes it gets pushed to the wayside more than I like. This time, however, it is for a very happy reason indeed...

(Insert obligatory annoying bump photo. I promise not to burden you with more of these). 

...there's a Baby Cardinal on the way!
While some maternity and baby-themed posts will be featured and reflect the changes here at Pond House, I have no intention of turning this into a baby or parenting blog. There are many blogs that do that job brilliantly. The primary missions of this blog remain: highlighting everything we love on Long Island, and cheap ways to channel coastal style. Thanks for reading!

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